​24 Sep 18 - Eleven MyanmarThousands of dead mussels are found washed up along Longchaung River a few days after the pollution of Thanzit River in Kyaukphyu Township in Rakhine State.

Locals who earn their living by collecting mussels face difficulties as about 90 out 100 mussels collected are found dead.

Ko Myo Lwin, an in-charge from Myanmar China Pipeline Watch Committee (MCPWC) said: "Dead mussels are found mostly along Longchaung River. Thousands of dead mussels are spreading on the bank after tide has declined. In the past, live mussels were found in the mud after water receded. Now locals who collect mussels are suffering from skin diseases also. We still do not have an exact answer to the problem even though we reported the water pollution problem to the Rakhine State government. Tomorrow, we will send five people who suffer from skin diseases to Kyaukphyu Hospital for treatment."

"In addition, dead mussels are found in An Township. Mussel collectors said they found dead mussels soon after the river water pollution. It is evident that the deaths of mussels are linked to water contamination. The authority doesn't solve this problem," he added.