Techilek rain causes temporary closure of border markets

Photo Markets being inundated due to flood of Maesai Creek (Photo-Thet Oo)

​19 Sep 18 - Eleven Myanmar TAUNGGYI- As the Techilek-Maesai creek in eastern Shan State started swelling due to heavy rains yesterday, shops in Thai-Myanmar border markets have been closed temporarily, according to the locals from Tarchileik. 

The torrential rain poured down since yesterday morning and it caused Maesai creek to overflow and flood the markets situated along the creek and border bridge between Myanmar and Thailand. 

Those markets get swamped yearly when the flooding occurs as the markets were built upon under watershed area. 

However, the water level usually decreases after one or two days. 

"The Maesai creek swells due to heavy rain. The depth is about 8-ft and the water level is nearly 20-ft now. But the water level will decrease within a few days. The flood occurred in the markets near Myanmar-Thai Border Bridge. But it didn't reach over to the main road," said Thant Zin from Techilek Township. 

When the flood eventually subsides after a short time, authorities will wash off the mud near No.1 Friendship Bridge in Maesai Township, Thailand, according to the locals. 

Likewise, strong wind hit in Taunggyi Township, northern Shan State at night of August 17th leaving collapse of some lampposts. 

Department of Meteorology and Hydrology said that a storm was approaching towards eastern part of Shan State yesterday morning. The wind speed was 54 mph. Due to the storm, Shan State may face more strong winds and heavy rains. 

"Rainfall will decrease in southern Shan State in the third week. But, more rainfall can be expected in eastern and northern Shan State about five days in the third week of September. We expected that the monsoon would exit from central Myanmar from September 22nd to 27th. If rain clouds are to occur, we have to worry about heavy rains, hailstones and thunderstorm. Especially as floods may occur in hilly regions. We will have no time to prepare for it. It may get destructive fast. For people living in hilly regions, they must be needed to take care the flooding and landslide when the monsoon will be leaving," said Officer Ko Ko Lay from Meteorology and Hydrology Department in Shan State. 

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