White foams from wastewater not harmful to public: MCDC

Foam White foam appeared around the Mayangyan jetty.

​17 Sep 18 - Eleven MyanmarMANDALAY- The white foams from wastewater directly being dumped into the Ayeyawady River, around Mayangyan jetty, Mandalay, isn't harmful to the public, according to the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC). 

The MCDC also reported that the level of Biochemical Oxygen Demand-BOD would decrease when the dumped wastewater combined with the Ayeyawady River water. 

As Domestic wastewater and Stormwater are being disposed into the river by machine pumps, white bubbles near Mayangyan jetty occurred due to the momentum of the current. The bubbles were unable to flow out easily as the vessels docked at the jetty blocked the waterway, according to the MCDC's report.

With the aim to prevent measures against the impacts of consecutive rainfall caused due to the effect of current Super Typhoon Mangkhut, the water of Thingazar Creek is being pumped 24 hours. Normally, the bubbles have to emerge due to momentum of current when domestic wastewater and stormwater had been disposed with machines, according to the MCDC. 

In Mandalay, wastewater discharged by the factories and houses is disposed into the seven primary drains via secondary channels. That wastewater is piped across from the sewage storage lakes and then pumped into the Ayeyawady River. 

At present, the white foams usually occurs when the wastewater is being disposed from Shwekhe Sewage treatment factory in Amarapura Township and Zaungkalaw Sewage treatment factory in Pyigyitagun Township. 

While the bubbles didn't appear when the river's water level is on the rise, it occurs when the river water level has decreased, according to the MCDC. 

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