Taninthayi Township starts rehabilitation activities

Photo Basic Education High School re-opened in Taninthayi Township

​11 Sep 18 - Eleven MyanmarMYEIK- Rehabilitation activities have been carried out as the Taninthayi River's water level decreased below the danger level and schools have reopened. 

The Tanintharyi Region and its surrounding villages suffered four times from Tanintharyi River floods during a two months period. Some low lying areas of towns and villages were flooded when Tanintharyi River swelled beyond danger levels in second week of July. There were over 20,000 flood victims. "When the water level decreased, we are building and digging again for artesian wells and lakes for drinking water. 

Firstly, we will add chlorine to the wells. We already planned to provide paddy strains aiming to be regrown at flood-addled fields. 

Moreover, we are now compiling the list of damaged houses through the village administrators under the guidance of the Tanintharyi Region Government Committee. As Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye instructed, the rehabilitation works would be carried out immediately. 

The Township Administrative Office collected the list of damages sustained and they are ready now. All schools are being reopened. Now, the water level of Tanintharyi River is over 12-ft," said MP Aung Kyaw Hein from Tanintharyi Region. 

Due to the floods, many gardens were damaged and over 2,000 acres of farmlands were destroyed. "Currently, the Union Government distributes a basket of paddy strain per acre to the farmers. Over 2,070 acres of farmlands were flooded. 

We are starting the rehabilitation works. Although, the Union Government distributes a basket of paddy strain per acre, the farmers had to scatter two baskets of paddy strain per acre. So, paddy strains are in need," said MP Aung Kyaw Hein. Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye inspected the flooding and he pledged that the rehabilitation works must be carried out without delay. Likewise, the health staffs are now providing health care services and doing the cleaning at the wells and lakes in flood-hit areas. 

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