Water still covers lower areas of Taungoo

Photo Flood occurred in lower areas of Taungoo

​7 Sep 18 - Eleven Myanmar - Taungoo – Water levels of Sittaung River in Taungoo and Bago River is swollen again for third time above its danger level on September 6, sources said.

Staff Officer Myo Myint Aung from Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Taungoo district said, "The water level in Sittaung River reached above its danger level three times in July, August and early September in this year. What I want to say is both July and August are in the middle of rainy season. The water level in August is the highest this year. It's because rainfall in Taungoo is getting higher year by year."

The water level in Sittaung River reached up to 632 centimeters on September 6. The first floods occurred in July due to heavy rain. The second floods occurred when a spillway of Swar Dam collapsed on August 29. Continuous rainfall create floods for the third time in September. According to the observations made by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) on September 6, water level in Sittaung River in Taungoo reached up to 632 centimeters and people lived in lower areas of Taungoo were greatly inconvenienced.

Moe Aye Kyaw from No.10 Ward said, "The main transport vehicle during times like these is the boat. We have to wait for a boat to come and take us to the market. Our ward has access to only four boats so transportation is difficult. We work odd jobs to survive and we have children to feed. We have struggled hard for our living since water covered our ward."

Flood victims were moved to water relief camps, monasteries and schools during the second wave of floods but the schools have reopened. But students have to wade through water to get to school. If the water levels were to increase, it will worsen the situation for the children.

Phyu Lay from No.9 Ward said, "If the water level increases, we will have to run away. We bought food for two or three days. We both (husband wife) have to work to survive but now I cannot work as I have to take my children to school in the water."

About 50,000 flood victims from Yedashe Township, nearly 25,000 flood victims from Taungoo Township, about 500 flood victims from Kyaukkyi Township and about 3,000 flood victims from Oktwin Township were evacuated to safer areas during the flood that occurred on August 29. A total of four people are dead and two are missing in the floods so far.

Water level in Sittaung River was decreased to 553 centimeters on September 3 and reached to 632 centimeters on September 6 due to continuous rainfall.

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