Floods continue to occur in lower areas of Bago

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​28 Aug 18Floods are continuing to occur in lower areas of Bago as water level in Bago River had overflowed for more than a month, sources said.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

Water level in Bago River increased for the second time starting from July 19 and some lower areas of Bago such as Zaing (south), Zaing (north), Kyuntharyar, Mazin and Kyaukkyisu wards were covered by water.

Water level in Bago River reached up to 968 centimeters on July 28 and about three-feet deep water covered the Bago-Yangon Road. It broke the highest ever record in fifty-years time.

Although the water level was decreased from July 28, some lower areas of Bago still remain submerged under water.

Transactions, travels are difficult for locals and schools in lower areas are still closed. Flood victims are still in need of help.

"Most of them are vendors and they are struggling to make their living when they returned home. Water still covered some places inside their wards. We have to carry our children on our backs when we went to school. We cannot hire boats as it is expensive for us. Transportation is difficult to access and there are no flood relief camps opened now," said a vendor from Kyuntharyar Ward.

Water level in Bago reached to 837 centimeters due to high tide in Wagaung full moon day, heavy rain in upstream and nearby of Bago. The first flood occurred on July 11.

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