Water level in Thanlwin River in Hpa-an declines

Photo Water level declined in Myatlay street, No.2 Ward, Hpa-an

​24 Aug 18Locals from Hpa-an are concerned about high spring tide in full moon day of Wagaung although water level in Thanlwin River is start declining.

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

"The water level in Thanlwin River is like that. It cannot be trusted as the water level can be increased or decreased anytime. The high spring tide in full moon day of Wagaung may increase the water level. We will have to wait and observe it. Although the water level is declining, it is still above its danger level," said a local.

Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Kayin State announced the water level in Thanlwin River reached to 938 centimeters, which is the highest record in 53 years time, on July 30. It broke the record of the water level increased on August 18 2002, which was 936 centimeters. The time span of flood is the longest in its history.

Continuous rainfall in Kayin State made flood worse in July and flood relief camps are not closed down as there are only two sunny days in August, sources said.

"Continuous rainfall made water level increase so our homes are covered with water. Transportation is difficult and we are struggled to find food. We haven't experienced that kind of flood before," said a flood victim.

The danger level of Thanlwin River is 750 centimeters and flood victims are staying at flood relief camps to wait for high spring tide in full moon day of Wagaung.

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