Myanmar comes in 2nd on list of countries most prone to water-related disasters

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​21 Aug 18Myanmar is ranked 2nd on the list of countries with the highest amount of dangers caused by water, said Dr Khin Ni Ni Thein, Secretary of the National-level Water Resources Committee Advisory Board.

Writer: May Thin Kyi

Due to heavy rains, rivers and creeks are flooded with rain waters. Due to rain-triggered floods, the government has opened many relief camps for flood victims in some regions and states.

"Myanmar has many rivers, creeks and lakes and in rich in water resources. There are 58 rivers including four major rivers. The country is home to more than 2,000 rivers and creeks. No country in the world has rivers and water like Myanmar. But there are many dangers caused by water. This matter is important," said Dr Khin Ni Ni Thein .

Water Resource and Multi-Purpose Water Management Centre will be set up in Yangon in a bid to reduce floods and related disasters during 2020. Thanks to the emergence of this center, the country can carry out practical water management. It also aims to reduce the rate of poverty caused by incidents such as floods.

Cho Cho, chair of the National-level Water Resources Committee Advisory Board said: "Floods are linked to climate change and huge amounts of deforestation. Another point is we are unable to carry out the conservation of rivers. The country simply has no money to conserve river routes. There may be floods in the future. We need to make necessary preparations for disasters."

High water pollution is dangerous for human and animals. Locals reported water contamination within a 3-mile radius of the Thanzit River, east of Maday Island Oil Jetty, to the association during this month. According to the laboratory result released by the Green Motherland Development Association, 10 per cent of lead and 26 per cent of phinew were detected in the water of Thanzit River in Kyaukphyu Township.

According to the surveys, water contamination has spread to rivers and creeks in Myabone and An Townships via Kyaukphyu Township.

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

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