Taninthayi River water level reaches danger level for 3rd time

Photo Caption: A high school building in Taninthayi Region being flooded.

20 Aug 18 - Water level of Tanintharyi River has reached its danger level for the third time and locals are in dire need of assistance.

Starting one month ago, Tanintharyi Township and its nearby villages were flooded and locals already face many difficulties as they suffered prolonged flooding this year.

Taninthayi River passing through Taninthayi Township in Myeik District during this year has flooded several times. As a result, more than 30 villages in Taninthayi Township are being flooded and is now well passed the danger water level of 17 feet and now reached 24 feet.

Basic commodities prices have skyrocketed in flood-stricken Taninthayi region, sources said.

"The difficulty can be divided into two parts. Regular rescue works is being carried out. This support is given by government. For example, the cash and kind we received are distributed to the flooding villages. Another part is there is no flooding and no evacuation works have been carried out but their villages are surrounded by water. No one from these villages could go anywhere else either for their work or to attend school. There are odd job workers going to farm plantations. The food and assistance we are now distributing is excluded for these people. We suggest town's elders to manage as much as possible," said MP Aung Kyaw Hein from Taninthayi region.

Tanintharyi River originates from the coastal region of Dawei, flowing along Tanintharyi ranges. Whenever there are heavy rains, the river usually floods. As there is heavy rain in the region, flooding has been occuring and is continuing without sign of cessation, according to the locals.

As flooding lasts days to weeks, authority are now trying to come up with preparatory measures for the coming year.

"Villages such as Thakyat, and Pyot Ai and Maw Tone are in a difficult position because villagers are farm plantation workers. Government provided materials are sent to flooded areas and donations made by civic and social organizations are sent to these places. Since 2014, floods have regularly occurred. We need to think of narrowing of Tanintharyi River in Taku and Banlaw villages. It's been 3 times and it's already over a month. It's became a record for Tanintharyi region. When Minister Myint San visited Tanintharyi, he suggested to us building cyclone shelters in flooded villages. To carry out evacuation works for the villages it's impossible," said MP Aung Kyaw Hein.

Due to the floods, some road section is Yangon-Myeik-Kawthaung- union highway is submerged while Aukiin village in lower Tanintharyi and letaung villages are flooded.

"As flooding occurred for days on end, we need more assistance. Schools have been closed and we are also quite worried for our children to continue their education," said MP Ye Myint Swe.

Tanintharyi River flooded for the first time in July 29 with 26 feet 3 inches,. For the second time in August 8 with 24 feet 3 inches and for the third time in August 19 with 242 feet.

 Source: Eleven Myanmar

Source Link: http://www.elevenmyanmar.com/local/14639

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