More flood relief camps opened in Hpa-an

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​18 Aug 18Authorities have opened more flood relief camps in Hpa-an as water level in Thanlwin River reached above its danger level starting from July 21 causing widespread floods to occurr, sources said.

"The river water level has decreased about one inch and will increase again if rain pours down. People are depressed as floods occurred and lasted for about one month. We haven't experienced that kind of floods in our life. The floods we had experienced didn't last for one month. The water receded usually after two weeks mostly. We didn't see any clue that the water level will soon reduce to below its danger level," said a flood victim from Shweyinmyaw Pagoda flood relief camp.

The continuous rainfall, which poured down from July 21, made water level in Thanlwin River rise and water had entered into some lower areas of Hpa-an. The water level was decreased a little on August 8, prompting some flood victims returned to their homes. However, the water level was increased again at midnight and they had to desert their homes once again to stay at flood relief camps.

"We closed down some relief camps in schools and reopened the schools. But the water level is increased for second times so we opened two new relief camps," said an official from the township general administrative department.

The numbers of flood victims temporarily sheltering at ten flood relief camps are as per following: 1,032 flood victims from 214 family households in State weatherproof sports gymnasium flood relief camp, 2,152 flood victims from 386 family households in Shweyinmyaw Pagoda flood relief camp, 809 flood victims from 166 family households in Islamic School flood relief camp, 402 flood victims from 77 family households Mosque flood relief camp, 256 flood victims from 53 family households in No.3 Ward cyclone center flood relief camp, 588 flood victims from 132 family households in Maetaung Monastery flood relief camp, 387 flood victims from 81 family households in Damapiya Monastery flood relief camp, 1,293 flood victims from 231 family households in No.3 B.E.H.S gymnasium flood relief camp, 300 flood victims from 68 family households in State Meditation Center flood relief camp and 145 flood victims from 27 family households in Hlawgar Monastery flood relief camp.

According to water level forecast made on August 17, the water level in Thanlwin River, which danger level is 750 centimeters, is reached to 881 centimeters and it may be increased if more rains are poured down, according to Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of the State.

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

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