Water level in Thanlwin River increases again

Photo Water flooded in lower areas of Hpa-an

​11 August 18Water level in Thanlwin River is increased again after flood victims moved back to their homes from flood relief camps in Hpa-an and they returned to the camps in the same night, sources said.

"The flood victims moved back to their homes this morning as water is receding in Thanlwin River. We are amazed that the water level is increased at midnight and we are not dared to stay at home. We have to move to flood relief camps amidst the heavy rain with our belongings," said a flood victim.

Water level in Thanlwin River was reduced to 831 centimeters on the morning of August 8 and increased again to 838 centimeters around midnight.

"It is likely that the flood will be occurred for second times. Flood occurred for four or five times in 2011. It broke the record in fifty-year time and we need to be careful of water level in Thanlwin River," said a local.

Kayin State is facing the worst flooding in this year and reached to 938 centimeters in Thanlwin River. The highest record of water level in the river was 936 centimeters in 2002. The state government has opened over 50 flood relief camps in five townships and more than 50,000 flood victims are temporarily sheltering at the camps.

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

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