Water rises in Chindwin River

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​9 August 18The water level in Chindwin River has exceeded the danger level in Monywa Township, said an official from the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Sagaing Region.

He said preventive measures have been activated to minimize adverse effects on the residents in the area.

"The water level increased this morning… beyond the danger level. We are announcing about the rising water level in Chindwin River. Now, we are taking preventative measures on the side of Monywa town stacking sandbags on the river bank," he said.

On Monday, the water level in Monywa township was 980 centimeters but it exceeded the danger level of 1003 centimeters on Tuesday morning. The danger level in Monywa township side of Chindwin River was set at 1000 centimeters, according to Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Sagaing Region.

"The water level is increasing yearly. Now, it exceeds beyond danger level but we do not need to worry seriously. If it doesn't rain in upstream areas, the water level will decline. If the water level increases more than current level, we will have to start worrying about it," said U Myo Win, a resident of Monywa.

All the ferries plying in the area was stopped amid the rising water level of the river, said U Arkar Myint, chair of Private Vessel Supervisory Committee (Monywa).

The Private Vessel Supervisory Committee announced that the ferry and the cargo ships in Monywa have been prevented from sailing since Monday.

"We stop our route as instructed. They will only allow us to sail after the water declines," said U Thant Sin Oo, chair of Myanmar Zabutun Transportation Service.

The water levels in Chindwin River in the townships of Homalin, Mawlaik, and Kalewa have not yet reached the danger level. 

​Source: Myanmar Times

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