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Although it's pouring rain outside (02 August), the Impact Hub office in Yangon is full of people that are interested in Sustainable Water Solutions for Myanmar. This is the first time that the topic of water is addressed in the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, and most people are new to each other - and that's great! Sometimes we joke that water people talk to water people....  and that needs to change as it's important to involve water challenges in a multi-stakeholder approach as we cant solve water challenges in isolation. We were pleased with attention (interviews and recording) of MRTV-4.

Tonight's evening started with an introduction to the Myanmar Water Story or better defined as the National Water Resources Committee (NWRC) or the Myanmar Water Governance system. This video explained the need to collaborate and to share knowledge amongst each other. This video was shared during World Water Day 2018. 

After setting the scene, we kick-off with a really inspiring presentation by Jac de Beer (trainee for VP Delta program)  about the important role innovators play in solving water challenges in Myanmar. Again its stressed the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration between government, universities and private sector. Over the last two years many innovations have been tested in Myanmar - and in the coming months Jac will work on scaling the most suitable solutions. He also shared an example of how citizen engagement combined with gaming could play an important role in getting access to water-quality data in Yangon. 

Our director of the Myanmar Water Portal Kyaw Nyint Linn - and a Myanmar Water Reporter as well - explained the power of storytelling and how we should start writing our Myanmar Water Story together. He encouraged everybody to share more using #waterMM. So far we are lacking data, access to reports and more people with a passion for water. The Myanmar Water Portal is looking forward to expand our team of Myanmar Water Reporters.  

I have never received so many questions after my presentation - and it's very clear that people are passionate about water and understand (and feel) the importance of water. So far they are mostly not connected to safe and clean drinking water, and they don't have the knowledge or network to start a dialogue about potential (short-term) solutions. We are looking forward to more of these evenings in Yangon. 

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