​The Alley Garden Project at Doh Eain


This is the summary of the students group on Myanmar - Netherlands Water Challenge 2018 on 1 August.

1. Doh Eain

Doh Eain is a non-profit organization working for urban cities with volunteers and professionals from different countries. This organization mainly implement in Yangon city, the most crowded and developing city in Myanmar. The aim of this organization is making cities beautiful, livable, inclusive and sustainable with innovative ideas. There are three sectors; heritage conservation, making public space and organizing city events.

2. Mission

Turning Yangon's many alleyways into clean, safe and healthy recreational community or public spaces featuring gardens, street art and children's playgrounds as well as recycling and composting techniques.

3. Opportunity

There are many alleys in Yangon. If the concept is proven, historical use of back alleys can be brought back.

4. Doh Eain Place Making Process

They are making projects with 4 stages. They are
3.Build and

5. Problems

Alleyways are currently used as dump sites, attracting pests and disease and hence causing undesirable health hazards directly or indirectly. Therefore, more recreational spaces is required, that's a key challenge for this organization. Public agreement and participation is also a challenge need to be considered.

6. Results and discussions

According to the interview, Doh Eain is supporting better and healthier urbanization. Garbage blocks most of the drains. Cleaning and recreation becomes small part of cleaner water outlet to surface water.

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