Waterfront and Heritage Conservation in Yangon Heritage Trust


​ This is the summary of the students group on Myanmar - Netherlands Water Challenge 2018 on 1 August.

​Today,we go to the Yangon Heritage Trust for our sections of Myanmar-Netherlands Water Challenge 2018.We meet the director and program officer of YHT and interview with them on our main topic "Waterfront".From the interview,we know the visions of YHT and their projects on heritage conservation. Also,we learn about the long-term planning and short-term planning of heritage conservation and their main development on Yangon as a world-class tourists attraction.

We have an idea for waterfront by the Yangon River.From our surveying and interview,the advantages of having waterfront are
(1) Better public relaxation areas by the river
(2) Better air ventilation for people
(3) Recreation areas at the renovation of garages
(4) Improving previous areas for rainfall
(5) Tourist attractions
(6) Terminals for water transport systems.

There are also some essentials for waterfront.They are-

(1) Water quality must be improved.
(2) Garages must be renovated into recreation centers.

Then,we visit the Sule port,the intended location of waterfront and interviewed with the manager of the port.

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