​Water Supply and Sewage System of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC)


This is the summary of the students group on Myanmar - Netherlands Water Challenge 2018 on 1 August.

General Information

One of the activities of YCDC is to develop the adequate water supply for Yangon urban region. They can provide water supply for domestic use but the water quality isn't up to drinking water quality standard. There is a need to improve the water supply pipe networks, maintenance and technology.

YCDC deliver the sewerage gathering from the coverage area under Yangon City sewerage system to the wastewater treatment plant systematically. YCDC sewerage system was established since 1888 to serve 40,000 people.

Challenges and Problems

Aged Transmission Pipe Line

-Frequent Pipe Break

-Higher Leakage

Complex Distribution Network

-Unstable Water Pressure

-0Intermittence water Supply

Weakness in Regularization, Standardization and Materialization

High non-revenue water in terms of

-FOC connection

-Damaged Meter

-Spaghetti Service Pipe

Water Shortage at the out-skirt of City areas

-Need to find the available water resources

-Need to have distribution networks

Weakness in Collaboration between different ministries and departments

Interview Questionnaires

Communicating with local people during the interview period gave the valuable chance to see their difficult living conditions and gain the knowledge of their current problem facing in water supply and sewage system. From the interview with YCDC, it has provided the future plans for sustainable water management.


-to provide clean water to inhabitants

-to remove wastewater from users to prevent and unhygienic conditions

- to change people's mindset

-to balance between available water and water users

-to maintain aged water related infrastructures

-to harvest rainwater

-to increase public awareness

- to provide more green infrastructures to retain water and store as ground water


Governmental organizations should manage water resources effectively and efficiently. We can use different water resources such as rivers, and rainwater to reduce the use of groundwater.

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