Getting to know about River Navigability


 This is the summary of the students group on Myanmar - Netherlands Water Challenge 2018 on 1 August.

We have visited DWIR for the group assignment of student engagement day. We have discussed about their organization, how they are working and what they are challenging in their field. We have found three main challenges they are currently facing after meeting with their representatives.

The first one is the nature of rivers in our country. Some river sections are rapidly changing their courses.We have bed level rise, bank erosion, sedimentation, pollution that are leading to flooding and navigation problems. We need to take measures in monitoring and surveying, sediment monitoring and using modern technologies for river modelling.

The second one is Climate Change. There is large seasonal variation i.e., too much water in rainy season and too little water in dry season. We need to focus on the systematic utilization of the existing water that leads to planning and water management.

The third challenge is technology and infrastructure. As we are developing country, we need to provide enough port facilities, permanent navigation marks, river training structures and installation of navigation aids and so on. We also need international support and capacity building.

In conclusion, all the measures for the above challenges will need budgets. So we have to plan for income and allocation of that income. We hope to be able to solve all the challenges in our generation by working together.

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