Bilin River is still under watch despite water-level falls under danger mark


​1 August 18Although the water level of the Bilin River has subsided below its danger level in the Mon State and some big vehicles can be driven on the road, the authorities are still observing the situation.

The Mon State Hluttaw Deputy Speaker Dr Aung Naing Oo, who assisted in the state government's flood rescue operation, said some buses are now running from Yangon to the Mon State, the Karen (Kayin) State, and the Tanintharyi Region after the authorities reopened the stretch of road that runs from Bilin to Thaton. This stretch of road was closed for three days due to the flood.

"The water level is at 1,017 cm this morning (July 31) so it is below its danger level of 1,022 cm, but the situation is not reassuring due to continuous rainfall. Today is the 4th waning day so the tide will be low. Actually, the coming days are in the period of neap tides so the situation will be more reassuring. Ten-wheel vehicles have been allowed on the road since yesterday evening," Dr Aung Naing Oo told the Mon News Agency.

On its Facebook page, the Mon State government stated that the Yangon-Mawlamyine Highway was reopened at 2:30 pm in Thaton Township and at 4 pm in Kyaikhto Township on July 30.

Although the road has been reopened, the road stretching from milepost 129/0 to 129/4 is still inundated. As many vehicles have been passing on the road and the authorities are unable to redirect the vehicles throughout the entire night, the state government requested drivers not to use the road from 10 pm (July 30) to 6 am (July 31).

"The flood victims can't return home at the moment. As for the relief and aids sector, we have received donations from across the country. The government also provided a budget. Although the areas near the cities have sufficient relief aids, relief aids rarely reach the villages that are far from the cities," Dr Aung Naing Oo continued.

Thirty-two flood relief camps have been opened in 13 ward/village areas in Bilin Township. A total of 7,652 people from 1,815 households/families have been relocated to these camps. Four relief camps have been opened in five ward/village areas in Kyaikhto Township and 2,484 people from 552 households/families have been relocated to the camps on July 28, according to the Mon State government's Facebook page.

Thaton, Ye, and Kyaikmaraw townships have also been flooded recently but the situation is not worrisome. Around 30 homes have been damaged by strong wind in Paung Township.

Dr Min Thein, director of the National Disaster Management Committee, told the media that the country's biggest flood in five decades have forced over 120,000 people to take shelter in 288 temporary camps in Mon and Karen states and Tanintharyi, Bago, and Magway regions. Eleven people have been killed including three soldiers who lost their lives after they were swept away by floodwater in Bilin while they were carrying out rescue operation.

​Source: Mon News Agency

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