Flood causes traffic jam in Yangon-Mawlamyaing expressway

Photo Aerial view of the road submerged under water in Belin Township (Photo-Lwin Ko Ko Latt)

​28 July 18Authorities have imposed a temporary ban for two days to use Yangon Mawlamyaing expressway in Belin Township as some portions of the road is submerged under water, announced Mon State government on July 27.

Traffic jam is heavy in the portions of the road passing through the township, sources said.

Water level in Belin River may increase further in coming two days, the announcement said.

Lwin Ko Ko Latt from Yangon said, "The water level has not decreased yet. Some small cars turned back. Only big cars are waiting to cross. We arrived here around 9 pm on July 26. If we go further, we will reach a submerged bridge. No one can cross there. No passengers have been seen on express cars. Philanthropic organizations came to hand out food packets and drinking water. We decided to wait here as the traffic is jammed. We will wait here till the water is receded. The rain is still pouring."

Heavy rain and water from mountain streams caused flooding in some portions of Yangon-Mawlamyaing expressway in Belin Township starting from July 26.

"The flood makes it difficult to cross in some portions of the road. Authorities banned more transportation as water level in Belin River is above danger level. Soldiers and fire fighters carried the passengers on boats to transport them to other side of the bridge," said San Naing, chairman of civil society organization in Belin.

"I came from Yay and arrived here around 11 pm on July 26. All cars are jammed here since last night," said truck driver Min Thu from Yangon.

"Donors came to hand out food and drinking water. Some travellers returned as they cannot wait very long," he continued.

"The water level in Belin River reached to 1,055 meters which is above its danger level of 1,022 meters. There are six places on the road where the water level is about four feet in depth. So I requested the travellers not to cross the places. At the present, passengers are being transported using boats," said Mon State Chief Minister Dr Aye Zan.

According to water level forecast made on July 27, the water level of Belin River reached to 1,090 meters.

Thousands of flood victims are temporarily taking shelter at flood relief camps in the township.

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

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