Torrential rain causes flooding in Mon

Photo Water flooded in Kanthayar ward, Belin Township.

​25 July 18Torrential rain has caused flooding in Belin, Thaton and Yay townships in Mon State starting from July 22.

A total of 1,022 people from 259 family households are now sheltering temporarily at nine flood relief camps in Belin Township, according to Belin Township General Administrative Department.

"Our house was facing Belin River and our ward elder told us to move our belongings as water level has increased. So we moved to Laythar Monastery on the evening of July 22. The authorities transported us using boat and car," said Nilar lived in Boyarzar ward.

"The water flowed very fast this year and water level in the river is levelled with the bank in two-day time," she said.

"Up to 243 people are now sheltering at Laythar Monastery by July 23. The township administrator office donated rice and drinking water for them. Healthcare staffs are also opened a mobile clinic here," said Than Than Htway lived in Boyarzar ward.

She continued, "We are monitoring the water level on full moon day. It is likely that water level may increase again. We are worried about more water flowing from the headwaters."

"We have opened three flood relief camps in Kanthayar ward. There are more than 300 flood victims living in No.2 Primary School of Kanthayar. Some are still living their homes. Other two flood relief camps are opened at the township office of National Unity Party and Aung Zeya Hall," said ward administrator Than Htike Oo.

He continued, "In my experience, the water will be receded at the end of this month. If the rain will continuously pour down, the water level will not be decreased."

Continuous rainfall increases water level in Dontami stream in Thaton Township and water flooded in Duyinsake village. A total of 372 people from 80 family households in the village are now sheltering at the village religious hall and Tat-U Monastery.

Heavy rainfall also caused flooding in Kyaungywar village in Yay Township and some houses are submerged under water. 

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

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