Key findings: Myanmar Living Conditions Survey 2017


5 July 18 - A joint report by the Central Statistical Organisation, the UNDP and the World Bank, reveals significant changes in living conditions in Myanmar over time. The key findings are:

- The main changes in electrification are happening in Myanmar's villages, with almost all the growth in solar and public grid access coming from rural areas. There is substantial potential to increase electrification through intensifying connections in areas already connected to the public grid.

Consumer goods have shown substantial growth since 2015, with the rise of small home appliances partly linked to rising electrification. Out of all consumer goods, mobile phones have seen the most rapid growth, with smartphones being the dominant technology used. A gender gap is seen in mobile phone and internet usage, with women less likely to report internet and mobile phone usage. Computers are not yet widely used, but there is evidence that they are starting to be more widely used by some population pockets, almost exclusively among those with high school education and above.

- While access to improved water increased since 2015, it has mostly been driven by the private sector, rather than through increased and more sustainable use of piped and groundwater sources. Households in multiple states and regions have to transport water from source to consumption point, increasing the risk of contamination.

- Steady progress has been made in education over the last decade, but substantial variation remains. Literacy has risen across generations and gender gaps in literacy have closed at the national level, predominantly driven by women.

- Labour participation has increased over time, and has increased the most for women. A greater share of Myanmar's labour force is working in industry and service-related activities, and there has also been an increase in the share of households earning income from non-agricultural work.

- The report also discovers that progress still needs to be made in some parts of the country where the outcomes are lagging. 

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