Authorities help to relocate families in Balaba village

Photo Authorities are helping a family to move their belongings

​11 June 18Authorities are helping to relocate families living in Balaba village, Yaysagyo Township as soil erosion in Ayeyawady riverbank near the village is much worse in second week of June, sources from local said.

The village monastery, which used to be far away from the riverbank, is now about 20 feet away from the riverbank and villagers had to move the monastery on June 9, sources said.

Cable pipes made of steel to prevent soil erosion near the riverbank are damaged when the river level increased at the end of May, worsening soil erosion.

"The riverbank is being worn away by the surging water and we had to relocate ten families now. We will move another four families tomorrow. We moved Buddhist ordination hall and monastery in the rain," said villager Aye Maung Tun.

Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems built the steel pipes last December and locals placed sand bags to stall erosion in riverbank.

"All villagers are helping them to relocate and some families are lived at their relative homes. Some are lived in their farmlands. Our efforts to prevent the erosion have failed," said villager Ni Lone.

The village had to move 68 homes in 2017 and they are facing difficulties earning a living as almost all of their farmlands are eroded.

Village's pagoda is also about 30 feet from the riverbank and locals are worried about it.

Soldiers, government employees and villagers from nearby villages are helping them. More houses will be relocated if the erosion is far worse than now. Kwadaung village near the Balaba village is also facing the danger of soil erosion, sources said.

​Source: Eleven Myanmar

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