​12 June 18The National Water Resource Committee (NWRC) headquarters and the Hydro-informatics Centre (HIC) will be built in Yangon as part of the development of the country's water resource management capability.

A loan of US$18 million (K24.30 billion) from the World Bank will be used to fund construction, according to the advisory group of the NWRC.

Daw Khin Ni Ni Thein, secretary of the group, said the construction project would consolidate all water management resource activities aimed at improving governance and efficiency.

The construction of the building on 1.05 acres in Mayangone township of Yangon will be finished in 2020.

The NWRC was established in 2016 to draw up and implement an integrated water management system, develop a national integrated water management strategy and a national water resources policy, among others.

​Source: Myanmar Times