Resilient Water Services Video Contest


​Dear Young Water Professional, 

Would you like to contribute to the realization of resilient water services in a creative way? And are you interested in the possibility to join the World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm as a guest speaker? Then this message is for you! 

As you might know already, water and sanitation systems heavily depend on the availability of water resources coming from surrounding ecosystems. At the moment, world-wide a lot of these ecosystems increasingly suffer from both socio-economic and environmental pressures, such as economic growth, population growth, urbanization and climate change. These developments can have negative impacts on both the quantity and quality of water. Water which is needed for water and sanitation systems to thrive. So… how are we going to deal with the increasing pressures on our water services? How are we going to make our water services more resilient in an increasingly water insecure world? 

At our event at the World Water Week 2018, the aim is to collectively identify good practices and to establish a common learning agenda. And we need your input! Thus, if you are a young water professional under the age of 35, and you would like to contribute to answering the crucial question on how to make water services more resilient, then we are eager to learn more about your experiences and ideas on this topic through participation in our video contest. 

How can you participate? 

The idea is to make a short video of 3 – 5 minutes, focussing on one (or more) of the following problems: 

  • Too dirty water 
  •  Too little water
  • Too much water 

Are you able to share practical experiences, and do you have ground-breaking innovative ideas on how to cope sustainably with these challenges while taking into account (future) socio-economic and environmental pressures? Then do not hesitate to participate in this video contest! You are requested to upload your video on YouTube, and submit the link through e-mail. The Young Water Professional with the best video will be invited to share his/her story in Stockholm! 

For questions, more information, or to submit the link to your video, send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Deadline: 22nd of June

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