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We have made an interview with Pan Ei Ei Phyo, one of the alumni of Holland Water Challenge, who is currently studying in Germany. She is attending postgraduate course of water resource engineering and management in University of Stuttgart.


During her undergraduate, she studied port and harbor engineering in Myanmar Maritime University (MMU). Investigating performances of floating breakwater from experimental and theoretical Analysis is her group's final thesis. Then, she started to be excited to follow water-related career after joining Myanmar – Netherlands Water Challenge 2016.

"Although I was going to enter water-related field, I don't know specific theme that I would like to follow such as urban water and sanitation, groundwater, hydrology, hydraulic engineering and so on. After joining International Water Management Institute (IWMI) as an internship, this endeavor makes me clarified evidently." she said. She handled socio-economic development in IWMI.

Besides, she contributed as a volunteer to Multidisciplinary Project named 'Flood Proof Myanmar' by six TU delft students.

 Study in Germany

She is currently a first-year master student in University of Stuttgart. She devoted to learn more about her favorite field, hydraulic engineering. Prospect Burma scholarship provides stipend for her study. It is a program to help talented and dedicated young people from Myanmar to access vital skills and education remains, invest expertise the country needs. Prospect Burma scholars are dedicated to making positive and lasting change to their communities and to Myanmar. "I recommend both scholarships as long as they are recruited yearly. If you would like to study in Germany, I recommend you to learn German language at first. Learning German language makes you easier to find part time jobs. Mathematics and fluid mechanics that I learnt in Myanmar Maritime University provide knowledgeable assessment." She added.

Future Plan

"I've been thinking that I prefer to do my final-year master thesis in Myanmar. I always keep in touch with Myanmar water sector. I desire to create a model for urban water sewage system in Yangon, flood risk management and hydraulic infrastructure model. I want to help my country in developing water sector and inspiring capacity building".

She aspires to her field of study and strives for bringing more well-educated professionals in Myanmar. 

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