Sluice gates help produce 7,500 acres of paddy in delta

Photo The sluicegates built between the Yway and Pyamalok Rivers will filter out seawater for monsoon and summer paddy cultivation in the Ayeyarwady Region.  Photo: MNA

​The construction of five sluice gates on an island between two rivers in the Ayeyawady Region has created 7,500 acres of seawater-free land on which monsoon, as well as summer paddy, can be cultivated. The unit-9 of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department has been building sluice gates on five islands formed between Yway and Pyamalok rivers in Labutta District in the delta region to grow paddy twice a year.

"We are building the sluice gates sector wise on the five islands," explained an official from the unit. "We can now use 7,500 acres to grow double paddy as sector 2(a) of island 1 is free from salt water intrusion. We will continue our work depending on the budget allotment."

Currently, some 2,500 acres in sector 2(a) are being used to grow summer paddy with the irrigation system.

"Thanks to the sluice gates, our paddy fields are safe from pests and salt water," said a local farmer from Labutta Township.

The whole project will free 45,000 acres on the five islands between the two rivers from salt-water intrusion. Moreover, the plan will also help improve the economic, health, education and social conditions of the local people through double or triple cropping. "The region will see rapid progress if the land can be put under triple cropping.

We are applying environment-friendly measures to implement the plan. As the plan is being implemented with tax money collected from the public, it must be beneficial to the people," said the official. —Myanmar News Agency

Source: The Global New Light Of Myanmar

Date: 23 April 2018

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