Drinking water quality standards out this year


Source: The Myanmar Times

Date: 9 March, 2018

Photo: Google

The government will issue national drinking water quality standards this year, the Occupational and Environmental Health Division (OEHD) announced on Thursday.

Dr Kay Khine Aye, deputy director of the OEHD, said the standards have been under discussion for a long time and a draft has been submitted to the standards council.

"People usually drink bottled water or rivers or wells. The standards will be set the correct parameters for drinking water.

"When the council approves the standards, we will release them to the public and everyone can use them for their reference," said Dr Kay Khine Aye.

The OEHD, which is under the Department of Public Health, and other departments are planning to develop water-quality surveillance guidelines at the township level with the support of the World Health Organization.

"The guidelines include how to monitor water quality in the townships, what parameters to use for measurements, and how to monitor seasonal trends in water quality in townships using the World Health Organization standards as a reference," Dr Kay Khine Aye said on Thursday.

The OEHD came up with the plan to draw up the guidelines after the department conducted a pilot survey of Drinking Water Quality in Mon State in 2016.

"The guidelines are part of the water safety plan to determine the quality of water we consume daily ," said U Than Htut, retired deputy director of OEHD.

"The guidelines will monitor the quality of water all along the way from source to end user." 

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