Abnormally low Chindwin River flows plays havoc with river traffic


Source: Eleven Media

Date: 19 February 2018

​A decrease in the flow of the Chindwin River has caused ships to be unable to dock at Mawleik jetty, while locals are concerned that they have insufficient water for their own transportation.

The Chindwin River experiences reduced water flow ever year as summer season arrives. Larger vessels can only navigate the river during the monsoon season, around late July and August.

But the river volume has declined more dramatically this year than usual.

"Ships can no longer stop at the Mawleik jetty," said Tin Htun Hlaing from Mawleik. "They have to go to places where there is a good flow of water."

The lower water level is also causing other inconveniences.

"Shuttle boats and ships with toilets are prevented from entering the area as they pollute the water," said Tin Htun Hlain.

"We experienced this kind of incident in 2009, once."

Locals are dependent on the water route for transport.

The Chindwin River is the largest tributary of the Ayeyawaddy River. It originates in the Kachin State of

Myanmar and runs south before meeting the Ayeyawaddy River.

Mawleik is a town along the banks of the Chindwin River.

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