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Date: 9 February, 2018

In order to improve waste management in the community, the Yangon Region Government is conducting waste management practices in cooperation with international organizations and stakeholders for a community awareness campaign and practices.

It is very less in the practices of public awareness on plastic pollution and environmental conservation among the community.

Yangon Region Chief Minister pointed out that the regional government is implementing for waste management services in Yangon city for recycling, recovery and reused for the plastic waste.

Chief Minister, Yangon Region Government, Phyo Min Thein said "Plastic waste has very huge impact to our environment so we need to distribute plastic substitute bags and items for the people. It has a little difficulties as we cannot give substitute things. We need to practice environmental conservation so all are responsible to keep it."

Ocean Recovery Alliance is non-profit organization and based in Honkong and US. The foundation does a lot on ocean protection and plastic pollution and over fishing, sustainable fishing and different eco system.

The foundation put into practice plastic disclosure project in Myanmar. The founder said they are helping to reduce plastic pollution and waste management in Yangon potentially is a model city in ASEAN.

Founder, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Douglas Woodring said "Plastic is a very challenging material but this is a big opportunities if you think about it in the new way and most of the city already developed in waste management system. So it cannot away to the handle of the plastic in the right way."

33 out of 45 townships in Yangon Region are situated in the area of Yangon City Development Committee and it has 5.2 million populations. Over 1690 tons of garbage is generated per day on the average from these areas, and 10 % of them are plastic waste.

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