Hydrological data audit and capacity building in data management, Myanmar


The datasets needed for informed evidence-based decision making in the Ayeyarwady Basin, Myanmar, have historically been dispersed across several agencies, storied in various formats and of unknown quality. The Myanmar Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) and the HydroInformatics Centre (HIC) requested assistance in: i) undertaking a comprehensive review of available hydrometric and meteorological data in the basin; and ii) capacity building in quality control and database development. 

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP)-supported Hydrological data audit and capacity building in data management (Activity 1) addressed this request and forms a key first step in the development of a SOURCE model for the basin. Alluvium is one of three partners working on the project and is leading on the data collation, review and quality assurance components. 

Alluvium led the compilation and quality assurance of 1,614 time series datasets covering 263 stations for integration into the Ayeyarwady WISDM time series database. The data types included are discharge, sediment, river water levels, reservoir inflows, reservoir outflows, reservoir water levels, reservoir storages, rainfall, temperature (max and min), relative humidity, wind speed, evaporation and a range of water quality parameters. 

The original and quality checked data has been compiled into a hydrological time series database. The database has been installed within the Hydro-Informatics Centre and will form part of the Myanmar Water Information System for Data Management (WISDM) currently being developed under the State of the Basin Ayeyarwady (SOBA) program. The database is a live tool that can continue to be updated with new datasets and data can be extracted for use as required.

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