Thilawa SEZ on track


Source: The Global New Light Of Myanmar 

Date: 8 February, 2018

​Located on the outskirts of Yangon, the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is the first to be built in Myanmar. It is a monumental project strongly supported by the governments of Myanmar and Japan.
Daw Cho Cho Win, vice chairperson-2 of Thilawa SEZ management committee, said, "We intend to complete developing 101 hectares of SEZ Zone B (part 1) by August this year, and another 66 hectares of SEZ Zone B (part 2) by August 2019. Implementations are still being carried out for the first part of SEZ Zone B, and investment permissions are being granted. Some companies are also planning to invest in plots in our SEZ zones.
The SEZ Zone(B) is spread over 700 hectares. The first part of 100 hectares was implemented in February 2017 and will be completed in August 2018. Similarly, the second part of 66.4 hectares will be implemented in December 2018, and is expected to be completed by August 2019, according to the Thilawa SEZ management committee.

Dr. Than Than Thwe, joint-secretary of the Thilawa SEZ management committee, said, "For Zone B of the first phase, land, including 101 hectares (250 acres), was leased to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand."
Regarding the first part of Zone (B) that is spread over 101 hectares, she added that of the 100 hectares, 49 per cent has been leased so far. "We have leased land to many countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, and they will produce construction materials, food products and other goods. The total investment in these six companies amounts to $75.19 million. Another three companies are also awaiting permissions, and they have already rented plots of land," said Dr. Than Than Thwe.

Some 50 per cent of the first of Zone (B) of the first phase has been implemented so far, and houses have been built for displaced residents in ward 3, Myaing Thar Yar, she added.

Those who lived in Zone B have moved to ward 3, Myaing Thar Yar. They received compensation according to the policies of Japan International Cooperation Agency, who relocated 90 houses for them, she stated.
As for the government, arrangements are being made to develop 2,400 hectares in the Thilawa SEZ, and the opening ceremony of this project was held on 23 September 2015.
"As a successful project, investments were made to the tune of $1.2 billion in Zone A, and 96 per cent of the plots have been leased, while the remaining 4 per cent is under negotiation. Many huge companies have come here, and we have granted permissions for 90 kinds of businesses to 16 countries. Many factories and workshops, including 40 kinds of businesses, are being operated currently. Among them, some four factories are exporting goods to other countries, she said.
Daw Cho Cho Win, vice chairperson-2 of Thilawa SEZ, said, "As the motto goes, 'From regional development to state development', we also aim to implement state-level development through regional development."

By Ye Khaung Nyunt

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