Join the Global Youth Movement for Water


Are you a youth-led organization or association active in the water space? Do you want to amplify your voice and contribute to a global movement for change? Are you a non-youth organization wanting to further support youth for water?

The Global Youth Movement for Water aims to enhance the recognition, role and impact of youth in triggering and supporting the necessary societal transformation for a water-secure future for all. The Movement shall connect organisations active in the water & youth space to foster collaboration and synergies and increase the outreach and impact of all actors in this sector, from the local to the global levels. It will provide youth-led organisations with more visibility, credibility and recognition to existing and emerging networks and organisations as they engage and support individuals who wish to take action.

Proposed mechanisms:

  • Enhance coordination and collaboration of local, regional and global water youth organisations through the community of practice;
  • Amplify the power of influence of youth voices;
  • Increase the financial and technical capacities of young water leaders;


  • Youth-led organisations or associations active in the water space willing to amplify their voice and contribute to a global movement for change
  • Non-youth organisation wanting to further support the global youth movement for water by offering technical or financial support
  • Organisations that support and commit to the Movement's guiding principles
  • If you are a young person looking for ways to get involved in the water space and have yet to connect with other youth in your country, we invite you to reach out to a youth organisation active in the Movement.


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