Digital Water Book: A Strategic Digital Transformation for the Water Industry


Source: International Water Association - The pressing need to address the challenges of the global water sector continues to be the driving force behind the digital transformation. In addition to rapidly changing demographics, intensified and prolonged natural disasters, and ageing infrastructure, the sudden emergence of new public health threats has added pressure on utilities, regulators, and governments. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, utilities were forced to accelerate implementation of digital solutions to maintain communication with customers and staff, and to monitor and control essential assets. Despite the unfavourable nature of these events, they provided opportunities for us to observe the benefits of digitalisation.

This book is a collection of papers published under the IWA Digital Water Programme's White Paper series. The book gives insight into some of the best practices found in digitalisation, combining academic research and industrial applications, and presenting case studies of successful implementation acting as a guide to utilities, water managers, water stewards, and everyone interested in the digital transformation journey.

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