Workshop: Regional Marketplace of Solutions to address the connections between water, sanitation, hygiene and climate building towards COP27


Source - Sanitation and Water for All SWA Secretariat and the SWA Private Sector Constituency are convening a series of regional workshops to present an opportunity for dialogue on water, sanitation, and hygiene and climate between government, private sector, and other development stakeholders.

Strengthening collaboration between water, sanitation, and hygiene stakeholders is crucial to accelerate sustainable service delivery at scale, contributing to the deployment of practical solutions and to bridge the funding gap for the sector. The private sector has unique expertise in deploying agile and flexible solutions, measuring progress, and financing, which are key attributes to respond effectively to the uncertainty imposed by climate change, and magnified by economic and health crises.

The series of regional workshops reflect the commitments of the SWA Private Sector Constituency in contributing to SWA's strategic objectives, and particularly on the effort made by the partnership in climate action.

These workshops offer partners a regional focus to provide fit-for-purpose solutions to concrete challenges.

Asia and Pacific

9 August 2022 at 2:00pm Bangkok | 2:30pm New Delhi | 09:00am CET

Workshop will be convened in English

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