Youth Vision for Water on the road to UN 2023 Water Conference


Source - UN WaterThe World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) has developed a 'Youth Vision for Water', encapsulating the change the Parliament wants to see before, during and after the UN 2023 Water Conference, to be held in March next year.

At the 5th General Assembly of WYPW in Dakar, Senegal, in March 2022, 60 WYPW members from around the world took part in a two day advocacy workshop based on the input of WYPW members and the wider WYPW membership.

The Youth Vision contains three global objectives and 22 concrete actions to recommend to the UN 2023 Water Conference and help guide WYPW in the build-up to this landmark event.

The three objectives are:

  1. Local youth action is recognized and implemented in all water spheres.
  2. Job opportunities in the water sector are improved and diversified.
  3. Youth inclusion in decision-making is the norm, not the exception.

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