Calling young people with big ideas about flood and drought management!


Are you between 15 and 35? Do you have innovative ideas about how the world can better manage droughts and floods? 
The Global Integrated Flood and Drought Management Competition for youth-led projects is organised by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Global Water Partnership (GWP) in conjunction with the Water Youth Network. It is offering EUR 3,000 for the winning idea, as well as concept note development support and coaching for the 10 shortlisted proposals.

The competition will focus on the following themes:
  • Monitoring: Innovative monitoring for early warning systems (EWS)
  • Warning dissemination: Creative ways to disseminate early warnings
  • Communication and awareness raising: New approaches to increase the preparedness and ability of populations to react appropriately to warnings
  • Impact mapping: Ideas on how to map hazard impacts to improve understanding.
How to Apply

The competition involves two stages:

Stage 1: You are invited to submit a video presentation (up to 3 minutes length) of your idea and provide information about yourself/your team/organization.

The video guidelines can be found here.

The submission form is available here.

Stage 2: Upon selection, you are invited to submit a written proposal detailing your concept.

Submission deadline

Stage 1: 15 December 2021

Stage 2: 17 February 2022 

Selection Criteria

A team of reviewers will review the project proposals. The project selection will be based on following criterion:

  • Relevance: How relevant is the project to integrated flood and drought risk management? How practical is the implementation of the project?
  • Social impact: How has/ will the project support social needs at the local level (e.g. stronger community cohesion, transfer of technology or knowledge)?
  • Innovation: Does the project include a 'thinking outside the box' element? Is the project multidisciplinary in nature?
  • Local partnership and multi-stakeholder integration: Does the project consider stakeholders and actors involvement?
  • Finance: Is the project financially feasible?
  • Sustainability: How sustainable is the project and its ability for future adaptation? Is it possible to upscale or replicate the project?

Eligibility Criteria:

●Should be youth-led (Age 15 – 35) activities/project and include youth participation across all aspects of the project

●Projects have to be results oriented (clear objectives)

●Projects should be implemented within maximum 6 months

●Social innovation and entrepreneurship ideas are encouraged

●The research ideas/projects from the University students/researchers are encouraged

●The submissions can be done by any individual/ youth led organisations/team of young professionals

●Women-led projects are encouraged

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