Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) published brief Policy recommendations for environmental conservation in the Chindwin River Basin.

The Chindwin Basin is facing habitat loss and species population decline driven by economic development activities combined with the impacts of climate change. Given the interdependency of livelihoods and biodiversity in this part of Myanmar, this brief explores ideas for enhancing community-based conservation in the Chindwin River Basin.

SEI draw upon insights from biodiversity conservation experts and SEI's past work on biodiversity in the basin area. They conducted nine key informant interviews with conservationists from government, civil society and international non-profit organizations in northern Myanmar as well as reviewed the literature on community-based conservation practices in Myanmar.

The principles of community-based natural resource management based on the involvement of local people in planning, decision making, implementing and monitoring of conservation efforts can help conserve the Chindwin River basin's biodiversity while bringing sustained benefits to communities.