19 October 2021 - Source: Eleven Media - On the night of October 16, heavy rains and strong winds in Magway Region knocked down the pagoda pillar in Pwint Phyu Township and knocked down several large trees along the road leading to the pagoda.

Heavy rain fell in most townships in Magway Region from 14 to 16 October. Heavy rain and strong winds on the night of 16 October. You can not. Flooding of houses in townships such as Pwint Phyu; The fall of large trees; The pillar of the historic sandalwood incense pagoda in Pwint Phyu Township was tilted to the left due to the collapse of the fence.

"I can see from afar that the pillar of the temple has collapsed," he said. Because of this, cracks are possible. We will know for sure by looking at the pagoda, "said a local resident near the pagoda.

On the morning of October 17, locals and officials from Pwint Phyu cleared the fallen trees near the Kyaungdaw Pagoda. Downloading hate, မန်း၊ The Irrawaddy River is rising again.

In Magway, heavy rains caused flooding in some parts of the city on October 16 at 9 pm. Houses in the lower part of Thingagiri Ward, Magway; Some shops, including low-lying homes, were flooded near the highway and other areas. Charitable organizations in Magway provided assistance to the flood victims, and the power supply was cut off at around 10 pm due to heavy rains.