19 October 2021 - Source: Eleven Media - Due to heavy rains in Magway Region, on October 17 at Saku General Hospital. On October 18, the floodwaters inundated houses in the lower parts of Sin Phyu Island.
Heavy rains fell in most townships in Magway Region from October 14 to October 17, when a stream above Saku General Hospital flooded the hospital building and flooded again on October 18.
"There is only one patient in the hospital and now he has been discharged. There was no damage except flooding, "said Saku Township Administrator U Kyi Min.
At around 3 am on October 18, the Salin River flooded a house in Sin Phyu Island, flooding homes in low-lying areas.
"Water has been flooding homes since early this morning," he said. It is said that the floodwaters also entered Nwe Ta Mae village above. Due to the flooding of the creek, the market that was temporarily opened during the Kovis period had to be relocated to two places, "said a local from Sin Phyu Island.

Due to heavy rains in Magway Region, Saetottara, Pwint Phyu White Elephant Island You can not. In cities such as Magway, large trees fell, roads were flooded, It is reported that water flooded into houses.