21 October 2021 - Source: Eleven Media - Heavy rains in Mandalay this evening (October 21) caused floods on major roads in the city and caused some traffic jams.

In Mandalay, heavy rains started at around 4 pm on October 21, affecting the main roads in the city such as Science Road, 62nd Street 35th Street 30th Street 78th Street 26th Street 84th Street Major roads such as 86th Street and Shwe Ta Chaung Road were flooded and traffic jams were reported.

"It has been raining heavily in Mandalay since before 4 pm. It stopped after 6:30 pm. Most of the rain flooded the city streets, causing motorbikes to flood and traffic jams," said a Mandalay resident.

Heavy rains in Mandalay on the evening of October 21 caused flooding on major roads in the city and inundated some homes. Heavy rains and strong winds caused some trees to collapse. It is learned that the relevant authorities have cleared the area due to the fall of some trees.