26 October 2021 - Source: Eleven Media - Heavy rains in Taungdwingyi, Magway Region, have caused record flooding since the night of October 24, according to locals.

Heavy rains on the evening of October 24 flooded the low-lying areas of Taungdwingyi town and on the main road until the morning of October 25.

"Our city is prone to flooding when it rains, but this is the worst flooding in decades," he said. Roads are flooded and it is difficult for motorbikes and cars to get around, "said a local from Taungdwingyi.

The floodwaters have been flooding the area since the evening of October 24. The town of Taungdwingyi is located west of the Central Yoma.

In Magway Region, not only was there heavy rain later this year, but it is still raining until the last monsoon season. It is reported that floods occurred in cities such as Saetottara.