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25 October 2021 - Eleven Media Source
Heavy rains in Taungdwingyi, Magway Region, have caused record flooding since the night of October 24, according to locals. Heavy rains on the evening of October 24 flooded the low-lying areas of Taungdwingyi town and on the main road until the morning of October 25.

"Our city is prone to flooding when it rains, but this is the worst flooding in decades," he said. Roads are flooded and it is difficult for motorbikes and cars to get around, "said a local from Taungdwingyi. The floodwaters have been flooding the area since the evening of October 24. The town of Taungdwingyi is located west of the Central Yoma. In Magway Region, not only was there heavy rain later this year, but it is still raining until the last monsoon season. It is reported that floods occurred in cities such as Saetottara.

21 October 2021 - Eleven Media Source
Heavy rains in Mandalay this evening (October 21) caused floods on major roads in the city and caused some traffic jams.In Mandalay, heavy rains started at around 4 pm on October 21, affecting the main roads in the city such as Science Road, 62nd Street 35th Street 30th Street 78th Street 26th Street 84th Street Major roads such as 86th Street and Shwe Ta Chaung Road were flooded and traffic jams were reported.

"It has been raining heavily in Mandalay since before 4 pm. It stopped after 6:30 pm. Most of the rain flooded the city streets, causing motorbikes to flood and traffic jams," said a Mandalay resident. Heavy rains in Mandalay on the evening of October 21 caused flooding on major roads in the city and inundated some homes. Heavy rains and strong winds caused some trees to collapse. It is learned that the relevant authorities have cleared the area due to the fall of some trees.

18 October 2021 - Eleven Media Source
On the night of October 16, heavy rains and strong winds in Magway Region knocked down the pagoda pillar in Pwint Phyu Township and knocked down several large trees along the road leading to the pagoda.

Heavy rain fell in most townships in Magway Region from 14 to 16 October. Heavy rain and strong winds on the night of 16 October. You can not. Flooding of houses in townships such as Pwint Phyu; The fall of large trees; The pillar of the historic sandalwood incense pagoda in Pwint Phyu Township was tilted to the left due to the collapse of the fence.

8 October 2021 - Eleven Media Source
Heavy rains have been reported in some parts of Rangoon since October 7 at around 1pm. The floods occurred in Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township. The incident took place in Tamwe Township and flooded shops and houses.

In front of Yuzana Plaza, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township. On Byan Dala Road; The floodwaters inundated nearby shops and streets and flooded shops. Floods also occurred near Thein Phyu Post Office and Myanma Gon Yee Road, and shops and houses were flooded and shops were temporarily closed. A shop owner in front of Yuzana Plaza said, "The floods are as high as a pound." Some vehicles traveling on the roads were flooded and damaged due to flooding.
Near Aung Mingalar bus stop in Tamwe Township. Roads in Bowling Aung Mingalar ward were flooded and houses were flooded.

27 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

Heavy rains in the southern tip of Wale Myaing and Sukali sub-townships in Kayin State flooded the lower reaches of the river and inundated lower parts of Myawaddy town on the morning of September 27, flooding more than 1,000 homes.

Wale Myaing, Myawaddy Township, due to the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. Heavy rains in the Mulai Mountains of Sukali Township have inundated Wallay and Kyauk Khat villages since September 25. The Wale River and the Mae Kala River flooded the source of the river, causing the water level to rise by more than three feet above the danger level since the evening of September 26.

Due to the rising Thaung River, the low-lying areas near the riverbank such as Kyauk Pya Gate, Mango Gate Thaphan Pin Gate Khun Sa Gate Kyauktan Gate More than 1,000 homes in some parts of the city were affected by the floods. Myawaddy Social Relief Organizations; Auxiliary firefighters evacuated the flood victims overnight and as of the morning of September 27, about 3,000 people were still in the relief camp. In June and July, the water level in the river rose to nine feet above the danger level, flooding thousands of homes.

22 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

Sagaing Region Shwebo District In Khin Oo Township, the largest one-sided lake, the historic Pin Tin Reservoir, broke its dam early in the morning of September 22 and flooded many places, including monsoon paddy fields, according to locals.

The historic Pin Tin Reservoir east of Pin Tin Village in Khin Oo Township collapsed on September 22 near the southern part of the diversion dam in the southern part of the lake. Flooding of some houses in the village; According to the locals, floods are occurring on the road between the villages. "This morning, the dam collapsed near the diversion south of the lake. The monsoon paddy fields were flooded. The road connecting Khin Oo town and the village was flooded. Most of the paddy fields were flooded before the dam collapsed.

Due to heavy rains in recent days, the inflow of water into the pond has been increasing. According to locals, the dam broke on September 22 after the water was pumped out due to the inflow. At present, the water level of the lake is above 9 feet.

21 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

Two days of heavy rains in Shwebo District, Sagaing Region, have inundated rain-fed crops and some villages, according to locals. Heavy rains fell on September 20 and 21 in Shwebo District. "It has been raining here for a long time. But it has been raining for two days now. Due to heavy rains, rainfed fields are flooded. Prolonged flooding can damage rain-fed crops. Monsoon paddy fields are also flooded. In our village, the fields were flooded due to heavy rains, "said a local farmer in Shwebo District.

Two days of heavy rains in Shwebo District have caused two feet of flooding on the Shwebo-Myitkyina road, blocking passenger cars and flooding some villages, causing flooding. In Shwebo district, heavy rains have inundated local rain-fed crops, and local farmers are worried that their crops will be damaged if the floods last for days. The Khin Oo Township Red Cross Society provided assistance due to heavy rains in Shin Min Dwe Village in Khin Oo Township.

19 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source
In Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region, heavy rains and landslides caused traffic jams. About 20 feet of asphalt road collapsed near Shwe Khet Petroleum Shop in Kyarhyap Village, Thabeikkyin Township, and heavy vehicles were not allowed to travel. Heavy rains in Thabeikkyin Township have been raging since the early hours of the morning and people have been waiting because of the mountain streams, a driver said.

18 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

Due to heavy rain on the night of September 17 in Bagan Archaeological Site, Nyaung Oo District, Mandalay Region, Dhammarangyi Pagoda, According to the Department of Archeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch), a flood occurred inside the Sulamani Pagoda.

Due to the heavy rain, Dhammarangyi Pagoda, Department of Archeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch) Bagan Fire Department U Than Htike, director of the Department of Archeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch) said that the relief work was carried out in collaboration with the Bagan Regional Relief and Rescue Association.

16 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

In Indaw Township, Sagaing Region, heavy rains caused road closures and bridges between villages were reported.

Due to heavy rains on September 16, the Narakhaung creek on the Mandalay-Myitkyina Union Highway was suddenly flooded at 10 am on September 16 and cars were stranded for almost an hour. Kyan Taw from Indaw Township; The Kyantaw bridge, which is used by three Ku Seik villages, was also washed away by the floodwaters.

9 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

During the first 10 days of September, only lower towns along the Ayeyarwaddy River exceeded the danger level in each town and are currently declining, according to the Meteorological and Hydrological Directorate.

Earlier this month, the water level of the Irrawaddy River rose sharply, but did not exceed the city-level danger levels in Mandalay, including Mandalay and Hinthada. Seik Thar Only in Zalun did the water level rise above the danger level.

Currently, the water level of the Irrawaddy River is receding, and the water level of the Irrawaddy River in Mandalay rose from 1,185 cm on September 3 to 1,007 cm on September 9, a drop of more than 170 cm in one week. Hinthada, which rose to above the danger level; In Seiktha, the river level is falling below the danger level, and in Zalun, which is above the current danger level, the river level may fall below the danger level in the next 12 hours.

6 September 2021 - MIMU Source

This map illustrates satellite-detected surface waters due to the current monsoon rains over Ayeyarwady and Bago Region of Myanmar.

6 September 2021 - Eleven Media Source

In Bago Region (West), some townships along the Irrawaddy River in Thayawady District and Pyay District were flooded due to rising river levels. Residents in those areas have been evacuated due to flooding, according to the Myanmar Fire Department.

The Irrawaddy River flooded low-lying houses in Karanikan Ward and Yuntan Ward, Shwe Taung Township, Pyay District on September 4, and six households were evacuated to the Golden Eye Monastery. In San Rwe Village, Thayarwaddy Township, seven houses that were damaged by a landslide caused by the Myitmakha River have been relocated to flood-affected relatives. "The neighborhoods in Shwe Taung are the lower houses in our usual neighborhood. He lives near the confluence of the river and the river. It rises as soon as the river rises. It is learned that they have been relocated, "said a resident of Shwe Taung.

Similarly, in Aung Mingalar Village, Shadaw Kyun Village Tract, Moe Nyo Township, Thayarwaddy District, 13 households were evacuated to the Shadaw Kyun Primary School and Aung Mingalar Temple after the flooding of the Irrawaddy River. The evacuation was assisted by the relevant organizations and members of the fire brigade in the area fire stations of the Fire Department.

4 September 2021 - Relief Web

This map illustrates satellite-detected surface waters over the Boga, Yangon regions and Mon state, surrounding the Gulf of Martaban, Myanmar as observed from a Sentinel-1 image acquired on 1 September 2021 at 05:55 local time. Within the analyzed area of about 10,000 km2 , 240 km2 of lands appear to be flooded. The water extent appears to have decreased of about 470 km2 since 25 August 2021. Based on Worldpop population data and the detected surface waters in the analyzed area, the potentially exposed population is mainly located in the township of Thanatpin with ~ 7,300 people. Thaton with ~ 7,000 people. and Paung with ~ 5,700 people.

This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT).
Important note: Flood analysis from radar images may underestimate the presence of standing waters in built-up areas and densely vegetated areas due to backscattering properties of the radar signal.

Check out more detailed - Here

2 September 2021 - Relief Web

According to the latest update from DMH, monsoon flooding has hit the lower part of Myanmar following heavy rainfall since the third week of July. The flood has been affecting thousands of households in Shan (East), Kayin, Mon, Rakhine, Mandalay and Tanintharyi. The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) Myanmar reported that the lowpressure area over the North Bay of Bengal persists and will remain until October 2021.

Check out more detailed - Here

22 August 2021 - Relief Web Source

This map illustrates satellite-detected surface waters due to the current monsoon rains over Kachin State, Sagaing and Mandalay Region of Myanmar.

Based on Worldpop population data and the detected surface waters, about 123,459 people are potentially exposed or living close to flooded areas. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field.

Aug 13 – Mizzima Source

Three people have been killed by a brick wall collapse in Myanmar's central Mandalay region on Thursday according to a release from Myanmar Fire Services Department, Xinhua reported.

Caused by the heavy rains, the brick wall and two power poles fell on a house in Mogok township on Thursday morning.

Flash floods and landslides accompanied by heavy rainfall and strong wind are frequent in Myanmar during the monsoon period, especially in hilly areas and low-lying areas.

Aug 7 – BBC News Burmese Source

Hundreds of crops had been destroyed by the floods in the eastern and southern part of village of Mindon township, Tha Yat District, Magway.

There had been increasing water levels before due to floods in the area of Mindon, southern and eastern part of Lwa creek and Pae Myauk creek. In 2013, it was a time when water level reached the highest.

Currently, due to the flooding, hundreds of sesame farms, corn farms, and paddy fields was destroyed according to the local.

29 July - Relief Web Source

This map illustrates satellite-detected surface waters due to the current monsoon rains over Mon and Kayin State of Myanmar.

Based on Worldpop population data and the detected surface waters, about 251,858 people are potentially exposed or living close to flooded areas.

28 July 2021 - Relief Web Source

OVERVIEW: Data from the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC) showed noticeable high 7-day average (21 - 26 Jul) rainfall across Rakhine, Bago, Ayeyarwady, Kayin, Mon and Tanitharyi with maximum rainfall per day around 50mm.

A total of 48,472 persons have been evacuated/affected in the states of Kayin, Mon, and Rakhine.

27 July 2021 – Mizzima Source

Locals said that floods occurred in wards such as Phat Khin Ward, Zeyar Myaing Ward, Shwe Pyi Soe wards because heavy rains in Mawlamyine, Mon State have continued and the brick wall of Aung Taw Mwe Monastery in Hlaing area Collapsed on the morning of July 26.

"It has been raining since yesterday morning and water is entering the houses. The brick wall of the monastery collapsed. I have not heard of any casualties," a local told Mizzima.

Due to continuous rain, Phat Khin Road, Upper Road, Lower Road, Zeyar Myaing, Thiri Myaing, Mupon, Shwe Pyi Aye, Shwe Pyi Soe, the low-lying areas of Shwe Taung in MawlaMyine township are reportedly flooded.

27 July 2021 – Floodlist Source

Days of heavy rain have caused flooding in Shan, Rakhine, Kayin and Mon states in Myanmar.

Myanmar's Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) reported heavy rain from 25 July. Mawlamyine in Mon State recorded 553 mm of rain in 48 hours to 27 July.

In a 24 hour period to 27 July, areas of Rakhine State saw particularly heavy rain, including Maungdaw (243 mm) Kyaukpyu (242 mm) and Thandwe (388 mm). Neighbouring parts of Bangladesh also saw heavy rain during this time, resulting in floods and landslides in Cox's Bazar District.

According to the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre) as many as 48,500 people have been affected or displaced by the floods across the 3 states.

In Kayin State, areas of the state capital, Hpa-an, situated on the Salween River (also Thanlwin) have been affected, as well as areas of Myawaddy. As of 28 July, 3,016 people were evacuated/affected and 11,903 persons pre-emptively evacuated into 16 evacuation centres, AHA Centre said. DHM said the Salween River at Hpa-an was about 30cm above the danger mark as of 29 July and is likely to remin high for the next 24 hours. The Thaungyin (also Moei) River at Myawady in Kayin State is also above the danger mark.

In Mon State, 19,840 people were evacuated/affected and 10,770 pre-emptively evacuated into 8 evacuation centres. Flooding has affected areas of Thaton and Mawlamyine in Mon State.

AHA Centre reported 25,799 persons evacuated/affected in Rakhine State, many in areas around Thandwe.

Earlier this month the Red Cross reported flooding in Kengtung township in Shan State, prompting evacuations.

River levels are also high in Bago Region. DHM said that, as of 29 July, the Sittang River at Madauk in Bago Region was about 12 cm above the danger mark but will likely fall in the next 24 hours.

22 July 2021 – Mizzima Source

Some townships in Kayin state, Mon state and Tanintharyi regions, which received heavy rains daily, are experiencing floods, and the Meteorological and Hydrology Department has issued a warning for more heavy rains in those areas.

Due to heavy rains since July 22, low-lying villages and wards in Myawaddy township and Kyainseikgyi Township in Kayin State have been flooded for the past few days. Currently, floods are occurring in Mawlamyine township, Mon State and Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region.

"The floods have started and we are going to be in a situation that we have to wait for food packages," said a local resident in Thiri Myaing ward, Mawlamyine.

As Low-lying areas in Mawlamyine, including Thiri Myaing ward, are flooded, preparations are being made for food distribution.

The Meteorological and Hydrology Department said that landslides are happening in some areas in Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region, which is prone to landslides if the rains are heavier than usual. It rained more than seven inches in Launglon on the same day, while it rained more than five inches in Kawthaung.

Currently, a low-pressure area is likely to form in the Bay of Bengal. The Meteorological and Hydrology Department has warned of heavy rain in Mon State and Tanintharyi Region.

China, is experiencing severe flooding. Some experts have warned that Myanmar could be at greater risk of flooding if the rivers adjoining China such as the Salween, Tapin and Shweli rise suddenly.

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