Integrated Flood Resilience Strategy for Yangon City 2021-2040



Myanmar's city of Yangon is the largest financial and commercial centre. It accounts for about 50% of the country's industrial capacity, and is the seat of education, art, culture, healthcare, tourism, research and development. Population growth and rapid urbanisation are putting pressure on infrastructure, natural resources and the environment. Furthermore, the impacts of natural hazards, especially recurrent pluvial (rainfall related), fluvial (river related and most problematic during the monsoon season) and coastal flooding (caused by high tides, and periodic storm surges), are expected to be exacerbated by climate change and sea level rise.

Flooding is associated with damage to properties and assets, disruption of economic activity and causes health problems. The proposed Integrated Flood Resilience Strategy (IFRS) for Yangon provides a conceptual framework for identification of priority flood resilience investments in response to the challenges the city is facing with regards to the frequent flooding of parts of the city. The IFRS comes with an investment package (Program of Measures) consisting of structural and non-structural interventions that aim to prevent floods expected to occur with a specific frequency, and to mitigate the impact of more extreme floods that are expected to occur less frequently. The investments have been selected to address concrete objectives, formulated with YCDC and key stakeholders, to create a more flood resilient Yangon by 2040.

This synthesis report of the conceptual Yangon City Integrated Flood Resilience Strategy 2021-2040 (IFRS) is the result of a Technical Assistance (TA) that the World Bank is providing to the Government of Myanmar.

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