Register for Free - The 4th Global World Operators' Partnerships (WOPs) Congress


Event - 18-29 October 2021 Online

Learning from each other, sharing experiences, and inspiring action is a critical way for water and sanitation operators to improve their services and enrich the lives of the people they serve.

A spirit of collaboration and solidarity is at the heart of the Global WOPs Congress.

This free and open event is convened by the Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance - a global network of public operators and their partners - led by UN-Habitat.

  Thematic Areas 

Ensuring access for all

 Extending services, pro-poor initiatives, social inclusion, gender mainstreaming, informal and community operators, decentralized systems

 Climate adaptation

Climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, water conservation, source protection, water safety planning, emergency response planning

 Managing crises

Lessons from the COVID-19 response, preparedness for disasters, remote WOPs

 Advancing sanitation

Wastewater collection and treatment, protecting water quality, fecal sludge management, reuse

 Circular development

Regenerative urban waters, nexus approaches, carbon neutrality, water-sensitive urban design, energy efficiency

Congress sessions will take stock of current water and sanitation operators' issues, showcase good approaches, and offer recommendations for how operators can tackle challenges through peer-to-peer partnerships.

Each theme will be addressed through a combination of round tables, dialogues, and sessions based on offer and demand received through the call.

About the Congress -

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