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24 JAN 2021 - Source: Global New Light of Myanmar - By Swe Oo Wai, Translated by Than Tun Aung

A large number of markets under the management of the Yangon City Development Committee are opened for enabling dwellers of Yangon City to buy goods and foods for daily consumption. Markets are located in almost all the wards in Yangon City. Likewise, markets of vendors lie along roads accessible to the local people. Markets are essential for usage and consumption of the people on a daily basis. The information comes out to build a floating market in Dagon Myothit (South) Township of Yangon Region, and arrangements are being made to build the market.
Actually, such a floating market is aimed to open at night only, rather than the day time one. It will be the first-ever floating night market which can be called floating nightlife in Yangon Region. Although a plan was set to build a floating market in conjunction with the industrial zone project near Kokkowa river water pumping station in Htantabin Township of Yangon, efforts are being made to implement such market project.
The floating night market will be built on 5,200 feet long and 30 feet wide area between the housing concrete circular road and Ngamoeyeik Creek in Ward 26 in Dagon Myothit (South) Township by building retaining walls. In fact, the site of floating night market takes a position, east of Ngamoeyeik Bridge, between Sanpya Market of Thingangyun Township and south-north road junction.
If one goes about 10 miles upstream of Ngamoeyeik Creek from the mouth of Yangon River, one will reach the project site. The arrangements to build the floating night market aims to attract both local and foreign travellers. As such, the market will not only improve the tourism industry in the post-Covid-19 period but also contribute towards the economy of Yangon Region as well as the State.
"The market will be built with the purpose of ensuring multiple developments of the banks of Ngamoeyeik Creek and improvement of river systems, to benefit not only the development of Dagon Myothit (South) Township but also Yangon City and the country. The project proposal was submitted to the speaker of Yangon Region Hluttaw who also forwarded a letter on the market to Yangon Mayor.
Afterwards, field trips were made to observe the project site. We will manage to minimize environmental impacts and prevention of undisciplined littering. Those of forthcoming Yangon Region government will take responsibilities for construction of the market. The region Hluttaw will join hands with the regional government in implementing the project," said MP U Nyi Nyi of Dagon Myothit (South) Township Constituency-1 of Yangon Region Hluttaw.

The floating night market will be built for beautifying both banks of Ngamoeyeik Creek with a plan to construct shops. It is sure that if plans are implemented to arrange Myanmar traditionally decorated float with dances and the entertainment vessels of modern music in Ngamoeyeik Creek, such moves will attract not only local visitors but also international tourists.
The market will be a new interesting destination for visitors in Yangon City as new destinations are being created in surrounding areas of Yangon City. As the market is located not far from downtown Yangon with smooth transportation facilities, travellers can pay visits to the site in a short time. Thanks to the floating night market, cruise tour service and cruise vessel service will emerge soon.
About six millions of people are residing in Yangon. More than 170 markets are under the management of the development committee. Dagon Myothit (South) Township is locations of No 1 market, No 2 market, Zone 2 market, Dagon Thiri market, Bahosi market, Ketumati market, agriculture and livestock breeding market No 1 and Minye Kaungpon market.
The eight markets are formed with 3,189 rooms of shops. If the floating night market emerges, new bus lines will come out in Dagon Myothit (South) Township.

As the floating night market will be built on the bank of Ngamoeyeik Creek, if it has a good jetty, fish, groceries and vegetables can be transported along the creek by motor schooner smoothly.
Goods from greengrocery markets of Yangon as well as products from the Ayeyawady deltaic area can be transported by motor schooner and vessel. If the nightlife comprises restaurants for customers to enjoy night scenes, it will be attractive to the consumers.
Moreover, people can visit the market through Hline River, Bago River, Pazundaung Creek and Ngamoeyeik Creek. So also, the tours which will serve the visitors to enjoy night scenes may emerge in the future. Visitors can view round the floating night market by boat. As Panhlaing River, Bago River, Khanaungto Creek, Twantay Canal, Hmawwun Creek, Htantabin Creek, Kayan Creek, Yangon River, Toe River and Kokkowa River are located in the area of Yangon City, opportunities can be grasped to create new waterway tours.
Although special cruise vessels have been arranged to make relaxation tours along waterways to around Yangon City, it is necessary to have further development. Waterway relaxation tours are improvement in Myanmar's neighbour Thailand while Singapore earns millions of Singapore dollars per year based on the development of night time waterway relaxation tours.

As such, the floating night market plan can be implemented by improving and beautifying river banks of Yangon City, new tourism services and destinations will emerge in the city. It will be a great significant plan to fulfil the requirements of Yangon City, which is the main entrance of international aviation transportation to have more attractive to international tourists.
Currently, authorities of Yangon City restrict the opening of night street markets because of Covid-19. Later, it is necessary to consider arrangements for the opening of floating night markets as a new form. But, such plan needs financial investment, responsibilities, supervision and maintenance of the government and the private sectors.
Moreover, the authorities need to manage measures to be taken for security and discipline enforcement plans for people bound for the floating night market, travellers, shopkeepers and freight transporters. Actually, necessary arrangements must be considered in all aspects for construction of the floating night market.
Floating markets have been in Innlay Lake of Shan State in Myanmar for many years. In later years, dryness of water and declining of water level in the lake cause impacts on daily trading of the floating market. Lesser number of international and local travellers on their visits to Innlay Lake due to an outbreak of Covid-19 put daily trading of the floating market into struggle line. It was learnt that local people of Inlay area are striving for long term existence of the Innlay floating market.
Although night markets have been arranged along Strand Road in Yangon City, it is necessary to open the floating night market. As Yangonites are expected to taste fruitful results of the floating night market in their region, if the plan of the market is implemented, it can be said that it will be better project to fulfill a need of Yangon, the commercial hub.

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