Lesser rainfall causes reduction of irrigation water in Ngwe Taung Dam

1173-0-1024x678 Ngwe Taung Dam in Dimawhso Townshipn of Kayah State. Photo : Reral (Dimawhso)

26 Jan 2021 - Source: Global New Light of Myanmar - Nan San Hpoo natural water outlet, a water source of the Ngwe Taung Dam, Dimawhso Township, Kayah State, had a declining water yield, and the area had low rainfalls in the raining season, so this year, the dam will be able to supply water for only about 300 acres of summer paddy fields.

"Last year, the Ngwe Taung Dam irrigated more than 1,400 acres of summer paddy fields. This year, Nan San Hpoo natural water outlet had a declining water yield. Moreover, the amount of stored water in the dam is reduced because there are fewer rainfalls during the rainy season. So the dam can supply water to only about 300 acres of summer paddy fields this year," said U Hla Thein, Staff Officer of the township's Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department.

"The water storage amount of the Ngwe Taung Dam has reached its lowest level in 20 years, according to U Hla Thein. Every month, more than 1.2 million gallons of water from the Ngwe Taung Dam is distributed to the paddy fields and residents in the township for their daily uses," said U Hla Thein. The construction works for the Ngwe Taung Dam were started in 1962 with the aim of irrigating more than 6,000 acres of farmlands. The dam was completed in 1965. It is an earth dam with a length of 6,000 feet and a height of 35 feet. The dam's capacity is 8,920 acre-feet.

Last year, more than 3,000 acres of summer paddy could be grown in Dimawhso Township. As for this year, low rainfall caused lower water levels in dams, lakes and creeks, and consequently, only about 800 acres of summer paddy will be grown in the township. — Reral (Dimawhso) (Translated by Maung Maung Swe)

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