Most Hit Myanmar Water Portal's Editorials of the Year 2020

Most Hit Myanmar Water Portal's Editorials of the Year 2020 Most Hit Myanmar Water Portal's Editorials of the year 2020

In this year 2020's Editorials section of Myanmar Water Portal, almost 50 editorial articles were published. We are proudly announced the five of the most read and popular editorial articles.

Our State Counselor wants not only a center of excellence of water studies in Myanmar and also she wants to establish an Asian Water Hub in future"

Dr. Saw Yu May

1. The University of Yangon collaborating with international experts to establish a new Centre of Excellence on Water Studies

 What is Water Studies?

In general, water studies is the study of natural water resources and its challenges and conducting research to support innovative scientific and technological solutions that ensure adequate supplies of clean water to protect people's health and livelihood, to protect and restore watersheds and aquatic ecosystems, and to strengthen our economy. Read more....

The University of Yangon, Environment and Water Studies Department

2. The Chronicle of a Groundwater Expert

What is the difference between groundwater basin management and groundwater management?

Groundwater Basin Management includes technological know-how such as how to control technically your basin, how to manage to reduce the remediation, deviation and how to manage to increase the storage capacity, i.e. groundwater budget like a banking account. It also involves groundwater hydraulics principles to determine the life expectancy of groundwater well, its discharge rate, discharge period and so on.

Unlike the Groundwater Basin Management, Groundwater Management includes law and disciplines for the user such as dwellers, engineers, consultants, and also involves administrators' guidelines for construction projects. Giving guidelines for how many lifetimes of the tube well is allowed, how much water is allowed to discharge per hour, how much the cost of water meter per hour, etc. These all activities by dwellers and contractors, drillers recorded in the database (data bank) of state and division and finally Nationwide will be perfect. Read more.....

U Myint Thein, Groundwater Expert

3. ရာသီဥတုပြောင်းလဲလာမှုများက ကမ္ဘာကြီးကိုဘူမိဗေဒသက်တမ်းအရ "ပလိုင်အိုဆင်းယဂ် (Pliocene)" လွန်ခဲ့သောနှစ်(၃)သန်းကျော်ကာလကိုပြန်ပို့နေပြီလား။

ကမ္ဘာကြီးပိုမိုပူနွေးလာခြင်း၊ ရာသီဥတု ပြောင်းလွဲလာခြင်းများကြောင့် ကမ္ဘာအနောက်ခြမ်း၊ အာတိတ်ဒေသရှိ ရေခဲများ လျင်မြန်စွာ အရည်ပျော်နေသည့်အကြောင်း မက်ဆာချူးဆက် တက္ကသိုလ်မှ ဘူမိသိပ္ပံပါမောက္ခများ ဆွေးနွေးချက်များကို မြန်မာလိုဆီလျော်အောင် ပြန်လည်ရေးသားထားပြီး မူရင်းအာဘော်မပျက် စာအရေးအသား၊ စာသွားစာလာချောမွေ့ပြေပြစ်အောင် ‌ရေးသားထားပါသည်။ ဆက်လက်ဖတ်ရှုရန်....

4. Clarify Your Water with Drumstick Seeds

Most of the surface water (rivers, lakes, streams, etc.) normally have turbidity to some extent. In Myanmar, people who live near these sources generally use surface water for domestic and even drinking purposes. Instead of using the turbid water directly, clarifying it with some kind of coagulants makes the water more clear and removes the impurities in it. The powdered seed of drumstick has coagulating properties that have been used for various aspects of water and wastewater treatment. Read more...

Drumstick seeds (Moringa Olifera)

5. Taking a glimpse of the journey of a young water expert

"Water isn't just a subject, it's a human right. Everyone has the right to sufficient, safe, accessible, and affordable water. Hence, everyone should learn more about water to achieve it. Read more....

Tha Peng Cung, a Young Water Expert

Yangon Water Bus resumes operations
မြစ်တစ်စင်း၏ ငိုကြွေးသံ - ရာသီဥတု ပြောင်းလဲခြင်းကြ...


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