Myanmar plans to rerun cruise trip in Yangon River

Myanmar plans to rerun cruise trip in Yangon River

10 December 2020 - Source: Eleven Media Group Co., Ltd.

Myanmar is planning to rerun non-landing sightseeing flight tours, river cruise tours and convoy travel to try to start the tourism industry which is stopped by COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism.

The three-hour river cruise tour is planning to run on December 19 and 20 in Yangon River, said Naung Naung Han, Chair of Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association.

"We will announce it to the public soon. It will be planned under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports. Although the ship can carry 120 people, we will allow 30 people onboard. It will be the same with leisure flight. We will not allow full people onboard," he said.

The non-landing sightseeing flight tour will be introduced in early December and the river cruise tour will be run in the second week of December. The convoy and sailing travels will be started in the final week of December.

"We have arranged three kinds of tours. The first one is the non-landing sightseeing flight tour which is a chartered flight. I cannot exactly as I haven't known about the rental charges yet. Another one is a river cruise tour in Yangon River. It will be operated by private sector later if it is met with rules and regulations of the ministry. It is for Myanmar Tourism Federation and its partner associations to prepare in advance," said Khin Than Win, Deputy Director General of Department for Hotel and Tourism.

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