Hydro power projects that will take place in May Kha and Malikha not acceptable: Kachin State People’s Party vice-chair


05 Dec 2020 - Source: Eleven Myanmar - Kuam Guan Aung Kham, Vice-chairman (1) of Kachin State People Party (KSPP) said that hydro power projects that will take place along May Kha and Malikha River will not be accepted. 

Chair of Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) in his remark to commander-in-chief Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing said that there will be no objections from the public if hydropower projects are to be built along May Kha and Malikha River in spite of Myitsone. Kuam Guan Aung Kham, Vice-chairman (1) of Kachin State People Party (KSPP) said that only when there is federal union; projects will be carried out discussing with people.

"If we are going to build projects along May Kha and Malikha rivers, our future will not be good. I disagree with building any projects in any form at present," said Kuam Guan Aung Kham, who is also a spokesman for the KSPP.

Dr. Hkalam Samson, chair of KBC told RFA media in an interview made on December 1 that he and the Senior-General discussed matters concerning Myitsone dam project, peace process, return of internally displaced person, and COVID-19 pandemic. The Daily Eleven contacted Dr. Hkalam Samson on December 2 evening concerning the matter but the contact was to no avail.

He said to RFA that they discussed matters on Myitsone dam project. Min Aung Hlaing said that many projects can take place in upper Ayeyarwaddy River. We said that if the projects take place along May Kha and Malikha rivers without touching Myitsone, it will be done and locals will make no objection. In my opinion, the Senior-General seems to prefer to do projects other than Myitsone.

It is only his opinion but locals will not accept this according to Kuam Guan Aung Kham, Vice-chairman of Kachin State People Party (KSPP). If the commander-in-chief agrees with what he said, there will be many bad consequences, he added.
Although I am a member of KBC, I don't agree with this. I know that all the locals will not agree to his opinion. Chinese government desires to implement hydro power projects planned to be implemented along May Kha and Lay Likha including Myitsone as a must.

There are altogether 6 hydro power projects in upper Ayeyarwaddy river, 5 in May Kha river and 1 in May Likha.

The Myitsone dam project has been controversial in Myanmar due to its enormous flooded area, environmental impacts, and uneven share of electricity output between two countries. If the dam is built, 47 villages, 1904 households with more than 11,000 people will be relocated. As a result, it was suspended on September 30, 2011 by ex-president Thein Sein.

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