Myanmar to form natural disaster research group

story_1_2_0 Demonstrators in Yangon call for action to mitigate effects of climate change. Photo: Zarni Phyo/The Myanmar Times

27 Nov 2020 - Source: Myanmar Times - Myanmar will be establishing a new natural disaster research group to be able to conduct intensive and effective studies aimed at mitigating the effects of natural disasters.

U Myo Thant, vice chair of the Myanmar Earthquake Committee, said arrangements are being made to form an independent group to conduct research on disasters, not limited to earthquakes alone.

The group aims for conduct more intensive and effective research as the ones performed by volunteers, professors and lecturers from various universities are not in depth and extensive.

"We have much to work to do to mitigate the damage of disasters, not only earthquakes," U Myo Thant said. "Disasters related to geology are landslides and fires. They are related to earthquakes and the Earthquake Research Centre will form a new natural disaster research team to focus on these earthquake-related catastrophes," he said.

Discussions have been made to form Earthquake Research Center since 2016 and the Myanmar Earthquake Committee has registered as the Natural Disaster Research Team with the support of international organisations like United Nations Development Programme, UNHABITAT, among others

"There are costs for research. International organisations like the UNDP, UNHABITAT and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center require proposals to conduct earthquake research in Myanmar and get support funds," U Myo Thant said. " We have also carried out projects with funds from the Earth Observatory of Singapore. There has been no research conducted with funds provided by the Myanmar government yet."

The new natural disaster research group will provide earthquake, fire, and flood data for insurance businesses and banking sector and development projects from governmental ministries to raise research funds. 

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